Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sly wit from the trial of Conrad Black
‘Invoices shown the jury were $33,000 for a a 1920s Chinese carpet, $9,600 for a Persian mother of pearl box, $9,000 for a pair of Louis XVI-style stools, and $17,710 for an Indian relief depicting elephants. There was a $12,500 invoice for a cabinet and shaving basin, a “mahogany barbiere with porcelain bottle that belonged to Naopolean during the campaign of Russia”.

Querying a $4,300 electric towel warmer, prosecutor Eric Sussman asked: “Did that come under capital improvement, decoration, or furniture to put the apartment in habitable condition?” Mr Williams replied: “I am not an expert in interior design, but I would probably classify that as decorating.” The trial continues.’


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mmmm interesting. so are you cooking tonight?

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